Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 In Review

The year in review:
January: Editing, computer viruses, more editing, Tall Tale Tuesday, Drink hat coolness, My Bloody Valentine, editing, Feel Good Friday, random writing posts, Supernatural.
February: Sledding, snow, inconsiderate people, boys shaving armpits, random cell phone pics, Friday the 13th, lots of random posting, Tall Tale Tuesday, Feel Good Friday, Supernatural, funny pics.
March: Hockey games, the flu, Mommy Meme, being query ready, Tall Tale Tuesday, Feel Good Friday, Supernatural, random writing posts, Good thing, Bad Thing, Ten Inch Hero, lots of random.
April: Crazy April Fool's day, slacking, fantastic new isp provider, Easter, crazy random posts, bug zapper rackets, Feel Good Friday, Tall Tale Tuesday, much random, Bucket 8.
May: Feel Good Friday, RETREAT!!, random stuff, Supernatural, Tall Tale Tuesday, gnomes, chaos, camping, near-death camper experiences.
June: chaos, Feel Good Friday, School's out, bad hair cuts, Bucket 8, Summer Survival Journal, thumb injuries that should have had stitches, gnomes, blog tour, random writing posts, goals, kids going to camp.
July: Camp outs, streamlining, Summer Survival Journal, Jason Manns music, kids still at camp, road trips for conference meetings, another kid at camp, teenagers, another kid at camp, Road trip to see Jason Manns, chaos.
August: Summer Survival Journal, crazy dances, Georgia Road Trip, Tall Tale Tuesday, Booksignings, weddings, picnics, crazy car dancing, the first day of school.
September: Random, Tall Tale Tuesday, camping trips, new Supernatural, party planning, random writing posts, Summer Survival Journal, Rants, Wednesday...The New Monday.
October: Television, Supernatural, Tall Tale Tuesday, Zombies, balloons, silly pictures, silly videos, Jason Manns Roatripping!, 13th Birthday party, Halloween, random writing posts, Feel Good Friday.
November: being sick, silly pictures, Tall Tale Tuesday, random chaos, Supernatural, soapbox, lots of random, blog tour, Feel Good Friday, cool music, turkey trivia, the demise of my laptop, shiny new laptops, music videos, Thanksgiving, 18th birthdays.
December: Tall Tale Tuesday, lots of random, Feel Good Friday, random writing posts, lost and found Christmas spirit, rants, Free Heartwild Solitaire, weird pictures, chaos, family visits, getting through the holidays.
Yeah, I know there are a few days left in the year, but I'm relatively certain nothing else is going to happen in 2009. At least nothing blog-worthy. I'm doing my best to enter 2010 with a positive, hopeful outlook. And I hope you are, too.

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