Friday, December 18, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Wow! What a day!
Here's the list!
1. My uncle is here from California! It's the first Christmas he and my mom (it's just the two of them) have been together in 39 years, and that last Christmas was spent caring for their dying mother.
2. The SNOW! in the forecast! I'm not only excited for myself, but for my uncle, too!
3. Weekend plans. They're loose because of the forecast, but I'm looking forward to whatever happens. Maybe sledding?
4. Rescheduling the late night shopping trip K2 and I had planned for tonight. Even though I'm so not done and wanted to go back to the grocery store for a refund after being charged for 3 pieces of meat when I only bought two. And then there's the movie we rented last Saturday that's still here. (yay, late charges) I did want to go out tonight, but considering I haven't had more than ten seconds of down time today, I was relieved to not go.
5. Managing to fight the crowds at the grocery store so my family won't starve if we do get the higher amounts of snow.
6. Finally relaxing.
7. Sleeping in tomorrow.
8. Being amused when glancing into other people's carts while at the store. I could totally go off track with this, so I'll save it for its own post. Maybe tomorrow if it really snows.
My poor brain is too tired. That's all for now!

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