Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear 2010,

You suck.
You have four weeks left to do something besides bring grief and woe. Four weeks. I'm giving you one final chance, though in my heart I know you are already over. You didn't even really try to be good this year, did you?
I had such high hopes for you and besides a few good things, you have not delivered. Sure, I got a high school graduate and a beautiful granddaughter, but you also brought death and injury and job losses and difficulties galore.
You suck.
I should write you off now, but I'm willing to give you your final month to straighten up and make all of the crap worthwhile. Four weeks. Do you hear me, 2010? Consider yourself warned. Because if you don't turn yourself around, you will go on record as being the worst year ever.

Dear 2011,
Take notice. I'm not putting up with any crap next year. You either start off right or I will cancel you! No lie.

That is all.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Hey, that cancel warning is scary. We've had some rough patches this year also. It seems everytime we think we've gotten our heads above water another set of rapids sucks us under.

Victoria said...

Well, let's hope 2011 listens and makes up for how crappy 2010 has been.
There is no doubt that this year sucked hard. We've had the same type of year and I'm so tired of swimming!