Friday, November 19, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Well, here's the list:
1. Making good progress on the wip, despite it being a mostly crappy week.
2. Finding nearly all of the missing towels.
3. Belonging to a volunteer organization that is full of some of the best people I know and those people uniting to do something significant for someone in need.
4. Knowing I have more to be thankful for than many. I know it's early for Thanksgiving stuff, but it's relevant.
5. Being almost done with this pie sale for Scouts. 227 pies will be in my house on Monday and hopefully all be gone by Monday night. As in picked up gone, not eaten gone.
6. K2 coming home soon!
7. Gingerbread candles.
8. Good coffee.
9. New Supernatural tonight.
10. Being able to say the things I needed to say to my dying friend and knowing she heard them. I may never understand why she has to leave and I will miss her terribly. I don't want to say goodbye...
And there it is. An odd, good, and sad listing of this week.

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