Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Dear,

Dear Dryer,
You suck. Taking 12 hours to dry one load of clothes is unacceptable. So is the holes and grease you left on white shirts and underwear. I am going to stuff you with dynamite and send you to your final resting place.

Dear Cold Germs,
You also suck. Half of the household is infected with you. Where did we pick you up and when are you leaving? I do not like the way you make me feel.

Dear Calendar,
Why do you have to move so fast and be so full? How am I supposed to keep up? Today is the last day of November. I'm thrilled that this means 2010 is nearly over, but give me a few seconds to catch my breath at least.

Dear Mother Nature,
I know I'm a rarity, but can you please turn the rain into snow? Snow would go perfectly with me laying on the couch and moaning today. Snow would be awesome. Please?

Dear To Do List,
Please read the note to Calendar. This applies to you as well.

Dear Holiday Season,
I am not ready for you. I do not want you yet. Please excuse me for being a Scrooge this year. Or don't, because I'm not making any excuses for my attitude. It is what it is. Decorating? Psssh. Whatever. I do not care at this very moment.

That is all for now.

1 comment:

Ava Quinn said...

I second all of that. Especially the cold germs.

Hope your household is feeling better soon.