Saturday, November 06, 2010

Post Birthday Party Saturday

A list:
1. While at a birthday party with tons of food, don't hang around in the kitchen. You are sure to consume far more food than you should, resulting in gastric distress.
2. Little kids can occupy themselves for a very long time with a cooler full of ice and a pair of boots.
3. Cover your ears when my family sings Happy Birthday. It's bad. On purpose.
4. Just when I thought my sister's house couldn't hold another person, more people showed up.
5. It was too cold to stand outside and talk.
6. I missed B. He has the flu and stayed home.
7. It was fantastic to see friends we haven't seen in ages. Though we didn't get too many chances to actually talk.
8. New babies! There were three babies there, including my granddaughter. One was only three weeks old.
And now I'm home. Exhausted, with really really sore feet and a headache. And looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tonight.
That is all.

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