Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Saturday...

*Today is K2's 19th birthday. I don't understand how she can be older and I still feel the same age I did when I had her. Happy Birthday, baby girl!
*My dryer is done in. It makes a terrible noise and is putting holes in all of the clothes. Plus, it shuts itself off after only a few minutes. We are out of towels, socks, and dishrags. Sigh.
*It's cold today! I spent my day tossing Christmas trees with the Boy Scouts. I'm sore, but it's done. Unbelievably, the entire time we've been in scouting (15 years) I have never been there for tree sale set up. Now I know why.
*While tossing trees, I dropped one to the ground only to have a mouse in my face. He was cute, but he surprised me so I screamed a little.
*I usually don't get poison. A lot of the trees were covered in poison and I moved them. I'm taking bets on if I will get it this time.
I think that's enough. We're not having a party for K2, but we are having game night and I'm about to have a house full again. Like any minute now...


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sounds like a fun birthday to me. I empathisize about the dryer. My stopped working on Thanksgiving for the third time in the last month. Had the VERY expensive repairman here twice already and this time they're NOT charging me. I might make them stay and catch up on the laundry.

Ava Quinn said...

You and dryers, V. Sheesh! It must be a conspiracy.

That does sound like a great way to celebrate a birthday.

And the mouse not only would have made me scream, but I would've done the jump back to boot. They squick me out.

Victoria said...

Sue, I've gone through an uncountable amount of dryers throughout my married life. I don't blame you for not letting them charge you! I'd make them do laundry, too!

Well, I threw the tree down, Ava. I'm not really squicked out by them, but it was a big surprise. He was really cute. Not that I'd want him in my house or anything!