Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's Really Thursday

For some reason, I almost put up my Feel Good Friday post today. I started thinking back through the week and then realized today is only Thursday. Oh man.
It's apparently been a long week around here.
How about a random list of stuff?
1. It's never a good idea to say something sarcastic in relation to your phone conversation before you've hung up the phone. Well, maybe for telemarketers, but not in regards to someone you will have to deal with at a future date. Though, in my defense, I do not like to be patronized. If I say I will return your call on Friday with the information you've requested, then that's when you'll hear from me. Your bitchy attitude is not going to change things. And it will, obviously, force me to spew something I should have kept in check. And make me feel bad at the same time.
2. Some days I wonder if I'm ever going to achieve email inbox zero. It hasn't happened in at least 3 weeks.
3. I am stunned by the Christmas commercials that started before Halloween. And the store had their Christmas stuff out days before Halloween. I nearly had to buy Christmas candy for Trick or Treat night. That's whacked. I love Christmas, but I don't like the commercialism. And the very thought of Christmas fills me with dread right now. I am so not ready to even think about it.
4. Nothing brightens up a frustrating day like having your granddaughter smile and 'talk' to you. She is a motormouth and 'talks' constantly and it's the cutest thing ever. 
5. The spam situation is still irritating though I'm not getting nearly as much as I was and the phone calls seem to have ended. *knocks on wood* Except I get spam emails from my Internet provider at least ten times a day now. They want me to switch my wireless coverage to them. I feel like sending them an email telling them that even if I'd considered it in the past, there's no way that will happen now. But I won't.
And that is all. I'm working on a brilliant writing related post, so maybe you'll see that later. Or maybe I'll decide it's not brilliant after all and you won't. Ha!

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