Friday, January 14, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Well, I lived through another week. Yay, me!
Here's the list:
1. The zombie book is coming together. Maybe just in my head right now, but the plot's going down on paper this weekend come hell or high water. I know who my characters are, and what they're doing, and I know most of what's going on with the zombie outbreak. I'm excited to start writing once I get the book "officially" outlined.
2. Chinese food with chop sticks - even though I mostly just used my chop sticks to stab the chicken before finally giving up. I blame the cut on my finger for the chop stick inadequacy. (It hurts to type, too, but I'm ignoring that.)
3. Sleeping in tomorrow. Oh, how I am looking forward to that.
4. Girl's weekend in all it's glory.
6. Hawaiian feasts at camp.
7. Being warm.
8. Finding one of my favorite movies on TV, even if they cut one of the best tear jerking scenes.
9. Tomorrow's plans with my girlie.
10. Not running out of gas this morning. And let me tell you, it was close.
I think that's enough for now...My eyelids are begging to close.

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