Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday

How about a stink bug version?

How many stink bugs did I eliminate over the weekend?
1. None.
2. Six.
3. Twenty.

What is my preferred method of getting rid of them?
1. Vacuum.
2. Viking funeral - only without the fire...though that does give me an idea.
3. Squash and hold my nose.

I watched one divebomb the light in my room last night. And found him on the shelf right next to my head this morning. They are not very smart. At all. I kept thinking he would fall down, and then I'd get rid of him, but I was too tired to actively pursue and eliminate.
1. True.
2. False.

How many times did K4 call on me over the weekend for stink bug removal?
1. Three.
2. Two.
3. Eight.

People do not believe me when I tell them I got bit and have swallowed a stink bug?
1. True.
2. False.

What color are a stink bugs guts?
1. Brown.
2. Red.
3. Green.
4. It depends. Sometimes they're different.

Okay. Now that you're all grossed out...I'll stop.



Ava Quinn said...

ok, here goes.
Viking funeral
false - because they must always be eliminated. With. Out. Fail.

And yes, I am now grossed out. Thanks for that!

Victoria said...

Hee Hee on being grossed out!
You did good. Answers are posted! :)