Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday Funny...

Ha ha! You have to admit, that's pretty danged funny!!
I've spent most of the day battling stink bugs. I didn't expect them to miraculously disappear, but I am sincerely worried about what's going to happen when spring rolls around.
Tomorrow we start the new routine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transition, but I'm relatively confident I'll feel like a melting bowl of jello by Friday. I don't consider that setting myself up for disaster, just being realistic. Monday's already howling at me.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I knew I could come here and find a like-minded person complaining about the stink bugs. I can always count on you. The little *$#@* have been showing up all over the house with that little bit of warmth the last two days.
Not looking forward to Monday either.

Victoria said...

LOL, Sue!
They are so awful! I can't tell you how many I flushed and sucked up in the vac yesterday! (I know it stinks when you suck them up, but I don't care!)