Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Funny

This is supposed to be me.
The girls spent hours playing with Play-Doh Friday night. There were dinosaurs, snowmen, name it. And for some reason, they made me.
Sent K2 back to college this evening. I don't know why but saying goodbye was so much harder this time. I didn't even feel this emotional when we took her the first time. Maybe its because even though she's seriously considering changing her major and transferring to a school where she could live at home, she's going to be out on her own for real before I even realize. And maybe it's because it'll be months before she's back home again.
The house is quiet for the first time in nearly a month and we're all a little sad. Now we start the "real" routine. Which includes writing time. I'm going to start plotting as soon as I wrap this up.


Ava Quinn said...

Cool. Vicki 2.0. Set her up at the keyboard to work on your wip while you're at the day job!

Victoria said...

Shoot! I should have thought of that before they wrecked her!