Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stink Bugs...

So the temperature rises over 20 degrees and the stink bugs come back out?
One flew right into K4's forehead (Or her "Ford Head" as she used to call it.) earlier. There was much screaming and complaining about that, though she did give it the viking funeral it deserved. I found three in the bathroom after my shower. B sucked at least six up while he was cleaning the living room (most of them where I sit on the couch). There were several at my mom's and we just dropped another one in the living room.
We told our stories about them. And I didn't even get the disbelieving stare I usually get when I tell people I got bit. Mom found one in the fridge. My brother threw one out in the snow and watched as the snow around it turned brown. My sister's cat plays with them and instead of getting rid of them, they flick them at each other. We all agreed that they are the most annoying and disgusting things ever.
Though we discussed a theory that only one of the sexes sprays the stink.
That makes sense because sometimes there is no smell no matter how much you mess with them. And sometimes all you have to do is look at one and it stinks.
I also think it's bunk that they don't lay their eggs inside homes. I'm seeing little ones and huge ones around here.
So there's the Sunday Stink Bug news...


Ava Quinn said...

I'm so infernally tired of the damn stink bugs! Will they just die already? I'm going to start impaling their bodies on toothpick pikes and set up a perimeter around the house with their carcasses!

*heavy breathing* Okay. I'm a little better.

Just put me in the "sick of them" column in case you're taking a survey.

Victoria said...

That's a good idea!
Kind of gross, but...
What if the ones inside your house don't want to leave because of the pikes? That could be problematic.

Ava Quinn said...

I will decimate any who show their ugly faces on the inside and add them to the outside collection.

As long as I don't see them, I don't care where they are. lol

Victoria said...

I'm the opposite. I keep thinking about where they live inside my house. Imagining the inside of my walls being some alternate universe with stink bug night clubs and malls.
I don't understand how they're not there one second and there the next! Creeps me out!