Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Just under the wire!
Here's the list:
1. Friday! Oh, how I have longed for you!
2. Making progress on the wip - loosely titled "Tattered".
3. Upcoming plans with the bff's for milestone birthday celebrating.
4. Getting to talk to one of my oldest bff's tonight. It's been too long.
5. The snow not being what they said.
6. A husband that does laundry, despite the dryer being broken. (and despite his attempts to fix it!)
7. Last week of the Supernatural Hellatus. Whoot!
8. Tacos for dinner.
9. Easy and mostly relaxed weekend plans.
10. Snowstorms in the forecast. (better go get your milk, bread, and toilet paper now!) Ha!
That is all.
I may or may not be here tomorrow. It just depends on how the day goes...

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