Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

First off, let me apologize for yesterday's picture. I've been told by more than one person that it was disturbingly shocking. Ha! Okay, so maybe I'm not as apologetic as I need to be.
I can't believe the weekend's coming to an end. It went way to fast, didn't it? I feel like all I've done is flip and rearrange the laundry constantly drying in my dining room. I did get to sleep in a little this morning, which was nice, but considering how late we stayed up last night I'm not sure it made much difference.
It's way too cold out. Way too cold. And apparently there's snow in the forecast. I'm not thinking about that right now, since it's due to hit on the night I'm looking forward to. But we'll see...I've heard everything from 50% chance to a really major snowstorm.
Today we had an Eagle Scout ceremony. It was B's first scout since he's been Scout Master. It's always a cool experience, but this time it was even more so. I think that's because we've known this family since K2 was in first grade and they're really awesome people. Only now there are about twelve balloons in my living room - K4's parting gift from the ceremony.
I have also written and am feeling positive about my progress. My writing chapter is at the beginning of an online class on worldbuilding, which is really helping the pieces fall into place for me. I'm eager to get back to it and might get a few more words written before bedtime.
And that's it, I think...


Ava Quinn said...

Yay positive writing feelings!! I miss those.

Eagle Scout ceremonies are very cool.

Snow? Meh.


Victoria said...

What do we need to do to get your positive writing feelings back, Ava?

I'm pretty Meh about the snow myself!

Ava Quinn said...

Do you know any occult rituals to bring things back from the dead?

Nah. Then it would just come back . . . wrong. And what kind of freaky-deak thing would that be like?

Victoria said...

I'll bet it's not dead...just sleeping. I don't think you can kill it!
But, yes, if it were dead we wouldn't want to mess with it. LOL