Monday, May 19, 2008


I think I mentioned getting to watch Supernatural on Friday.
Megan arrived with not only the finale taped, but she brought a whole set up of television and vcr so we could watch. Twice.
The episode was fantastic, if not very sad.
What I liked the most:
1. Sam and Dean singing. We squealed like a bunch of little girls when Dean belted out "Wanted", then Sam joined him and we squealed some more.
2. The look on Dean's face as Sam continued to sing and the reality of his situation crashed around him.
3. The little girl. Man. She was creepy. White demon eyes are far scarier than black ones. Plus, the way she switched from evil to sweet.
4. Bobby telling Dean family doesn't end with blood, and then telling them they better not stop to pee every ten minutes.
5. Sam's desperation to do whatever he could to save his brother and Dean's determination that they were going to break the cycle of self-sacrifice.
6. Sam telling Dean he should have been jamming "Eye of the Tiger".
7. Holy water in the sprinkler system.
8. The way Sam blocked Lilith's attempt to kill him, and how scared she was of him after he did.
9. How Dean could see the demons inside people.
10. Dean knocking out the dad and throwing him over his shoulder.
11. A car-sized bush with side mirrors in the middle of nowhere.
What made me sad:
1. Of course, Dean on meat hooks and the way he called for Sam to help him.
2. Ruby dying. I might think her character's a bit overacted, or over the top, or something, but I liked her and Bella in the show. Now they're both gone.
3. The grandfather dying and the way the parents hung him out to dry. I understand they were scared, but it was still sad.
4. The way it ended. Now we have to wait weeks while poor Dean hangs on meat hooks in hell. I don't think I can stand it.
Another thing I couldn't help but think about was how terrible the future is going to be for the mother who begged Sam to kill her little girl because of the demon inside of her. The demon put them through hell while looking like their child. How do you go back to life as usual when on the inside you have to be wondering if each tantrum, each angry word is the past coming back to haunt you? What will she see now when she looks at her child?
Anyway. That really had nothing to do with the show.
Obviously, this was one of my favorite episodes. There was so much good stuff about it. Like I said, the waiting will be brutal. I'm already dying and it's only been days. One of the best parts about it was getting to watch it with friends who are as much in love with the show as I am.
That's all.


AuthorM said...

Well I wish you'd shut your pie hole, but we don't always get what we want.


Victoria said...

Dang it! I forgot that one!! I need to watch it again!!!