Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live From The Retreat - Day Three

More graveyard pictures. See that little shiny spot? Looks like an orb, but I highly doubt it. We won't go into my opinions on orbs again, but it's pretty cool to consider the possibilities. So far, every time we've planned to head back over to the grave yard, it's rained. Like now.
Tonight is the last night of the retreat. We all had a blast, especially during our game where much laughter (and Elvis Martineo) ensued. (No, I'm not explaining the above) I've been told I'm in charge of next year's retreat as well, which is exciting and makes me feel good (only I didn't plan this year alone!).
Every year I say it, and every year I mean it. This year was the best retreat ever. No, we didn't have any good news to celebrate last night, but we went out anyway and laughed our way through more food we absolutely didn't need. Today we've busted our funny bones laughing and gotten tons of work done. Raffle tickets were flying. I've met my initial goal of 20k words and am now pushing to 25k. Already this has been my best production retreat yet. The story's flowing nicely and I'm having a lot of fun with writing alternate reality.
Tomorrow morning I head home to meet up with the fam (who I don't think miss me at all) and see K2's play (where she has the lead role). Then it's off to celebrate my mom's birthday. Then, perhaps, I'll collapse and face the coming week with a new set of eyes. (look at me being all reflective and stuff...)

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