Sunday, May 25, 2008

Very Quick

After much holiday hanging out, (and not camping) staying up too late, and carrying on so much I am now losing my voice, I am back among the land of my own Internet access and at the place of my lovely bed. I have many, many fine and interesting pictures to share with you. I'm not quite sure where to begin, but we'll start tomorrow when I am more rested.
Forgive me this small rant, but let me just put this out there real quick...
To the driver behind us on our way home: When you're behind a vehicle that seems to be struggling to maintain speed and possibly hitting the brakes more often than you do because the road is hilly and winds much and doesn't seem to be quite as wide as other roads, take a minute to wonder if you could possibly be behind a new driver. Don't ride the bumper ahead, flash the lights, and make sporadic movements in an attempt to freak out the other driver. You are not helping, except to make the teen driver nervous and cry, and nearly giving the adult teacher a coronary. Oh, and also don't forget the road you're both traveling on is notorious for deer springing out. If one had bounded out in front of us, we would all very definitely be dead. My daughter, my son, my dog, and me. All because she wasn't driving fast enough for you? For shame. Seriously. Think about. Do you really want something like that on your head for the rest of your life?
I didn't think so.
Next time, back off and be nice! All I can say is, I was ready to say some things to you that I had to warn my young son not to listen to. You turned, which was for the best. The kid got her confidence back and learned something from your terrible behavior - how not to behave. Ever.
More tomorrow.

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