Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So...What Did You Do...

With your stimulus payment?
Here's what I did with mine.
Ha. Just kidding.
B thought this would be an amusing photo. The boxes are empty...the bottle in my arm is not. No. I'm not sharing.
K1 is working on cleaning up his room so he and B went on a box run. When they got back they were giggling and made me pose. (btw, that's supposed to be the "got a little captian in you" pose) You can see how thrilled I am.
The science project is done. We spent all evening gluing information and pictures to a project board. It looks pretty darned good. This morning, my to do list had 62 items on it. (and no, I don't write 'brush teeth' & 'comb hair') The items were all legitimate things that needed done - like banking, shopping, and appointments. I'm now down to 28, most of which will be done tomorrow as it pertains to the retreat. I should probably get my laundry done as well. And pack. Oh. Wait. They're both on my list. :)
That's all...

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