Friday, May 16, 2008

Live From The Retreat - Day Two

Ghost hunting at the retreat.
I trapped Misty, Natalie, and Marie in the graveyard. Okay, so they weren't really trapped, but I ran through and shut the gate on them, then made them pose for this picture. We were walking around in this cemetery shortly after dark - obviously a little too early for ghost hunting - we were tired. But James Potter is buried there (James Potter as in Harry's dad). It's a neat old place and I'm sure if it ever stops raining, we'll take another walk over. I do have more pictures from last night though.
We're having a blast and getting lots of work done. Like I said, it's raining and has been since around midnight. I never realized it, even though my window's open and I was up on and off all night. We had a wonderful breakfast and everyone scattered to their rooms, or other various places to do their thing. We're still waiting for two people - one should be arriving any minute (hopefully with last night's Supernatural in hand) and the other won't be here until dinnertime. Tonight we're continuing the tradition we started last year by going out for celebratory drinks - let's just hope one of us gets news worth celebrating today. Several of us are waiting patiently to hear back on things we have out. Last year, Natalie got her agent on Retreat Friday.
But until then, I'm cranking out the pages. I have a good run on my goal already.

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