Sunday, May 11, 2008


Remember Sam - or Samwise - our rescued baby bunny?
I told you something always happens to nearly every animal we rescue. Sam was thriving. Friday night we discussed his release, planning it for Saturday. B went outside early Saturday morning and found a crime scene. The cage was on its side, the plants on the back porch turned over, and the bunny was gone. Except for one bloody, nearly skinned foot. We have no idea what was intelligent enough to get it out of the cage and only leave a small smattering of fur and blood behind. The blood trailed extended down the patio before disappearing. The cage wasn't bent or broken. There is a way to open the cage from the side, but it would have required weight and dexterity to achieve bunny freedom. Weird. B wants to bait a humane trap to see what we get. I don't know. Who knows what we'll catch? And then we have to release it?
Obviously, I made it through the week. Barely. It was definitely one of those weeks where every time I thought things would get easier, they didn't. There's a lot of detail you won't care about - stuff that would only make you shake your head and think I'm either lying or exaggerating. Doesn't matter now anyway - I'm relaxing while the fam waits on me hand and foot. In a little while I'm going to do some plotting in preparation for the writing retreat in just 3 days!!! I can't wait!!
Don't forget your mom today! And if you're a mom...Happy Mother's Day!!


Laurel said...

I just wanted to say...nice Mom-blog! Your days sound like mine, except I only have 2 kids! One of whom is named Gabrielle Victoria you can see why I had to read your blog! :o) She came to us as Vika (Russian for Vicky). Read my blog if you'd like to know more about her and her brother, Duncan.

Hope the bunny is OK! We had a mama duck and eggs...that were probably raided last weekend. :o( bummer...the kids REALLY wanted to see baby chicks!

Hope you had a happy mother's day!

Victoria said...

Hi Laurel!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely pop over and check out your blog!
Unfortunately, the only trace we found of the bunny was a foot. It was too sad. And still no idea what got to it. Bummer on the ducks being raided.
Hope you had a fantastic mother's day as well!
V. :)