Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

You definitely knocked this one out of the ballpark!! I love Bobby!!
And let's not forget Crowley. I love his character. I knew he wasn't going to just give Bobby his soul back after Sam went into the hole. I think we all did. I'd hoped he would, but that's just how it goes with demons. They can't be trusted. The peripheral monsters showing up in weird places was nicely done, a hint that things aren't exactly right in the world now, but not too much focus on what could be going on. Liked that a lot.
Poor Bobby. I was feeling pretty bad for him. All of the phone calls. The needy hunters. The neighbor who just wanted to get to know him. (And here I will insert...K4 happened to be watching. After the neighbor left she turned to me and said: "That's gross. He's like 30!" umm..yeah...) And then Rufus showed up. He's a great character. I love the interaction between he and Bobby the whole way through. Funny stuff.
Who knew that burning the original vessel's or dealmaker's bones could kill the demon? Very cool. And I love the effects on the demon living in the here and now.
Not too much Sam and Dean in this one. I love Sam and Dean, but I didn't mind. (And here I will insert again...K4 said: "Too bad you didn't get to see Sam and Dean too much in this one. You got stuck with the old guy.") But really, not much has changed with Sam and Dean. They're hunting together again *applause*, but still not quite right *boo*. It was nice to have a break from that. We all know something's wrong with Sam and it breaks my heart every week. Smug!Sam is getting old. I will say that.
And then the sheriff (love her) came through for Bobby, and then Sam and Dean did as well. Nice. And Crowley's son! I really thought Bobby had lost! He's so brilliantly smart, which is, of course, why he's Bobby. And why the original Crowley sold his soul in the first place! I really want to know why things were so terrible between him and his son. And I'd like to know what new ideas he's introduced into Hell. I'm glad Bobby's soul being not his was taken care of in one episode.
And the preview! Ack!
So...Way to go, Supernatural People! This episode goes onto my top ten list for sure. Thank you for a brilliant episode and a fatastic show!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I loved it too. Bobby is such a great character. And next week looks very tense.

Victoria said...

Bobby is an awesome character!
Next week (Ooh, this week now!) looks fantastic!