Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghost Stories 2

So, on our second trip to the beach, B and I left the kiddos in the capable hands of my sister and friends and went to the beach to look at the phosphorus sand and stars. It was really romantic and very cool. We walked along the shoreline, played with the sparkly sand, and stared up at the stars for quite a while. The beach was empty and the tide was on its way in when we decided to head back to the beach house.
A few hundred feet on the beach access road, we saw a couple walking. B slowed and asked if they needed a ride. They said yes, thanking us profusely for stopping and got in the back seat. They told us their Jeep had broken down and asked us to drop them up ahead, at the end of a lane. We made small talk the rest of the way, until the man said to stop, that this was where they needed to be and it was only a very short walk to their place. We let them out, and watched them walk towards the woods, wondering if they'd taken a back trail in or something.
We kept looking to the left - looking for the road or any signs of a house, but there was nothing. The way the trees lined up made you believe there might have been a road there at one time, but erosion, storms, and time had removed all other signs of civilization. We kind of shrugged it off, until we realized the tide had only started coming in when we left and the couple said their vehicle had been caught in high tide. Plus, we didn't see any signs of a Jeep being stuck. So...
It was strange to say the least. The next morning, B mentioned it to the guy at the bait shop and he could only shake his head and say it's happened before. Do I believe we picked up a ghost couple along the side of the beach road? Heck, I don't know. Most of me doubts it. But it's a good story either way.

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