Saturday, October 02, 2010


A random-type post.
My writing group met this morning. What a great bunch of people! I love the energy we share and I love laughing with them and laughing even when we're trying to be serious. I also love talking about the retreat, which I got to do plenty today! Lunch was fun with awesome food and great company.
I came home to utter chaos. All four kids were home, plus the grandbaby. There was much hilarity. It's fantastic to have them all together. They make me laugh so hard.
We were watching a show on fungus and they were talking about "magic mushrooms" and showed a clip of Woodstock and K4 asked: Is that how Hippies were made? Ha!
Back to the insanity!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

What did you answer to how hippies are made? LOL
I wish I'd been at the meeting but it was fun watching my daughter's field hockey team totally destroy the team who had boys playing for them. Girls rule!

Victoria said...

She answered it for herself! She decided that didn't make sense, but her reasoning was that she's a hippie and she's never even touched a mushroom. lol
We missed you at the meeting, but yay for your daughter! Girls definitely rule!