Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am wondering about...
1. Does being bitten by a stink bug make you more attractive to other stink bugs? I wonder this because I had one fly into my hair yesterday, and one dive bomb me while I was outside. Scary stuff.
2. Why didn't I remember it was supposed to rain today? The K's went to school without umbrellas.
3. Why do people, after you've mistakenly dialed a wrong number, insist on calling you back to find out who you are? I dialed a wrong number yesterday, realized my mistake and hung up, and then was harassed the rest of the evening by kids insisting they needed to know who I am. I ended up having to block the number. For crying outloud!
4. Where did all of the socks go?
5. On that note, where did all of my son's sweatshirts go?
6. Is it possible that I can take a nap today?
7. My house is quiet. Can I deal with that? It's been so long.
8. Why do I always decide to talk a walk on rainy days? Is it some kind of self sabotage?
That's enough why for one day.

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