Thursday, October 07, 2010


Totally borrowing from my friend Natalie here. Her post on what she's behind on made me think about what I'm behind on, so I'm going to be a copycat today. Ha!
1. Editing. I took a break to write something new - mainly to prove to myself that my brain is not broken. And guess what? It's not. And that's what I needed to find out. I don't know if I'll continue working on it, or if it'll just be an exercise, but I do like the premise and my brain is turning over the plot, so who knows?
2. Housework. Not the regular stuff that has to be done all of the time (though don't come over right now!), but the closet cleaning out, the basement cleaning, the clothing switchouts and donations.
3. Television. About the only thing I manage to catch is Supernatural. I want to watch Castle and I'm behind on Ghosthunters. And, sadly, no TiVo here.
4. Decorating. I pulled the Fall/Halloween stuff out of the basement about a week ago and it's still sitting in my living room. It's not that much. At all. But the reason it's not out yet is number five.
5. Yardwork. The weeds and dead plants in front of my house make me feel bad. I worked hard to keep that stuff alive all summer and then I kept forgetting to water them. The pea vine and weeds have taken over the front flower bed.
6. Filing. Everything is stuffed into a drawer...waiting for me to organize.
7. Volunteer work. I have to take care of updating databases, organizing a fundraiser, and catching up on filing for that too.
8. Kid stuff. K4's violin needs exchanged for a bigger size. Her clarinet needs re-corked and new reeds need ordered.
9. In the same category...K3 needs shoes and jeans and socks. K4 needs socks (heck, everyone needs socks) and jeans. Getting to the store together has been an issue.
10. Planning. There are a few big events looming and I am plan-less.
But I'm too tired to think about any of this stuff tonight. And there's a stink bug flying around the light and he's freaking me out a little (and I do still have a mark from where he bit me. Someone told me tonight that it can take 3 weeks for it to go away. Stupid bugs.)

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