Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oops! I missed posting the answers yesterday!
*edited because I was in such a rush, I mixed things up.
Which of the following are true? (There are several)
1. When I was seventeen, someone pulled out in front of me at an intersection and I actually screamed and closed my eyes. True. Stupid, huh?
2. When I was eight months pregnant with K3, I fell down the stairs while carrying a laundry basket and landed with my belly in the basket of puke sheets (courtesy of K1 and K2 and the flu). Also true. No harm done.
3. I once became stranded on the roof of our old house because the ladder fell. What was I doing up there? Retrieving a frisbee. Nope! Never happened.
4. I have spent the night in a haunted house. Or so the people who owned it said. But I did hear things I still cannot explain. True. I'll post about this another time.
5. I saw the ghost of a very good friend who died in a car accident on the day B and I married. Her face was in the mirror behind me, but when I turned, no one was there. Nope. Never happened.
6. B and I went out to the beach well after dark one year to look at the phosphorus sand and the stars. On the way back, we gave a young couple a ride because their car had gotten caught in the soft sand along the beach road. We dropped them off where they asked, only it seemed like the middle of nowhere. After they got out of the car, we realized there wasn't a car stuck along the beach road where they said. This one is true. And it's a post for another time.
7. I came face to face with a bear while taking a walk at camp. I'm surprised I ever went back. True. I'll post about this another time as well. This one is false! That answer was supposed to be for number six.
8. The brakes on B's Jeep Willy's went out while I was driving it down our very steep driveway. K1 was in the passenger seat. Also true. I managed to turn the wheel, go up the hill and use the transmission and e-brake to get us stopped.
9. When we lived far away from where we do now, but still commuted here, we did a lot of early, early mornings and very little sleep. I was driving down the mountain to get to my early class in college and I fell asleep while driving. When I woke up, my car was resting very gently against a downed tree at the side of the the bottom of a steep hill. There wasn't even a speck of tree bark missing and not one scratch on my car. I still have no idea how that happened. Nope, but it's a good story, huh?
10. I had stepped onto the porch when a fly buzzed my head. I waved my hand to shoo it, and somehow pushed it into my ear canal. Absolutely. True. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Maybe I should post on it sometime.
That's it for now! More later after the trick or treat craziness goes away.

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