Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ready for the answer? Ha. I know. Just go with me on this.

1. While on a roadtrip with the bff's I counted at least four soda bottles filled with pee alongside the highway while we were in stop-and-go traffic. How do I know it was pee? I just do. It's a complicated science. True and I have the pictures to prove it! ha!

2. B and I met up on the road home one evening before kids. We hadn't expected to be at the same place at the same time. He road my bumper and pretended to be irate and I threw an egg from the carton I'd just purchased at him. It hit at the perfect spot on his windshield. I couldn't have planned it better. I often wonder what the people around thought about some of the stuff we used to do. Also true. Just one of those freak-things, I guess.

3. Remember that scene in Footloose where the girl climbs between two vehicles, barely missing getting creamed by a tractor trailer? I did that when I was a teenager. Without the big truck though. We were goofing off on backroads and since I had aspirations of being a stuntwoman, I thought I'd give it a try. The cars weren't going very fast, but I did it. And, obviously, lived. Nope!! So, yeah, this is the correct answer! I didn't, but would have given the opportunity. Heck, I still might.

Wednesday is back to being the new Monday. We had a little break there for a while, but no more. The schedule has been as packed, or more, than before the holidays. Go figure.
That is all.


Ava Quinn said...

Yay! I guessed right!

Victoria said...

You did! Yay you!