Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sideways Saturday

Well, the expected frivolity, and the sleeping in, got seriously waylaid by a sick kid. I had to drag my butt out of bed earlier than I wanted and drive nearly two hours (round trip) to bring K3 home. Apparently there's something going around. K2 has it, too.
So...Instead of the leisurely day spent goofing off and shopping, we did a quick store run and are now back home. He's doing okay after resting a while, but is in no shape to go back to camp. K4 had a momentary breakdown over the demise of Girl Weekend, but a few new markers and some hair crap fixed her right up. Now we're watching movies and I'm going to finish my revisions.
That is all.


Susan Kelley said...

As an experienced mother you should know better than to make plans. One of the kids will always disrupt them. Good luck with revisions.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Boooo. I'm sorry it got derailed! I hope everyone's better tomorrow!

Ava Quinn said...

Hair crap will fix up just about any girl. A definite good go-to move, Mom.

Revise! Revise! And bring conflict to their lives!
Revise! All the way
To give them their H-E-A!
Go revisions go!!!

*shakes imaginary pom-poms b/c wouldn't be caught dead with real ones*

Victoria said...

Story of my life, Sue!
Thanks, Nat. I'm hoping we're done with it now.
Thanks for cheer, M3!! Too funny!And I'm glad you don't have real pom-poms!

And I'm done!Just sent it off for its last critique. Whoot!!!