Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday

Snow storm style!
We're supposed to get more of the white stuff. I was just on the weather website and they're saying we could potentially have white out conditions tomorrow morning. Joy. I love the snow!
Okay, so here we go. Which of the below is true?
1. Remember that movie, A Christmas Story, when the kid sticks his tongue to a pole? I did that. I was ten. It wasn't a pole, it was a railing. It hurt like heck. My brothers laughed first, then got me help.
2. Surprisingly enough, despite how much I love the snow, I am intolerant of cold. I don't like to ski (never have) and very rarely play outside when it snows. Though being outside in the snow is much different than being outside in the bitter cold. Go figure.
3. On a ski trip when I was 13, I collided with another skier and broke my leg in two places. She broke her arm and we both had concussions. They airlifted us off the slopes. I can't even remember her name now, despite being pen pals for a few years afterwards.
So which is the truth?

1 comment:

Darek @Orchid said...

Ah, I'm betting #1. I kinda did this too when I was a kid, but only a tiny bit of tongue got caught (to the iron gate, in my case) so it didn't hurt.