Thursday, February 04, 2010

Random Thursday

New Supernatural tonight! Whoot!
I had 3 18-year old girls in my house earlier. They giggled a lot. And squealed. Ate ice cream. And watched The Little Mermaid. Again. Also, they cooked the cookie dough pieces from the cookie dough ice cream. I guess it worked. I never saw a cookie and there was no evidence of mess - except for the ice cream bowls in the living room. It was loud. They are gone now.
I started filling out the college financials today. Crazy stuff that. My head hurts. They're not done pending K2's information. I am not looking forward to dealing with it again. But they must be done.
Today is B's birthday. Since there's no time to go out because of scouts, I made him his favorite sandwich from one of the restaurants he likes. Well, you version. Instead of cake, I made brownies and then concocted a cream cheese white chocolate frosting. That's some good stuff.
There's a ton of snow in the forecast. And, of course, this Saturday is my writing group meeting. I will be really unhappy if we have to cancel. This coming from someone who loves the snow, but right now, I need my meeting more. I went to the grocery store today hoping to avoid most of the crowd. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. It was crazy. I was lucky to get bread. And let me just say, I did need bread. I wasn't buying it for the toast and toilet paper frenzy some people must participate in during snow. (maybe we'll talk about that later...)
Tomorrow is a crazy day. Very crazy. I have to get up too early because I need gas in my truck since I neglected to do that when I was out.
That is all.

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