Friday, February 19, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday!
What a long week!
Here's the list:
1. K4 performing FABULOUSLY in her talent show. I was so proud. I almost cried. She even did a goofy little dance to fill in the non-singing portion of her song.
2. The talent show being over. It was long. I have to give those kids credit though. It takes a lot of guts to get up there. They all did a fantastic job.
3. Friday...'nuff said.
4. Sleeping in tomorrow.
5. Girl's weekend. There will be ice cream eating and frivolity.
6. Being very close to finishing my revisions. Whoot!
Okay...It's been a long day.
I can't think anymore!


Ava Quinn said...

Bring on the frivolity!!


AWESOME!!! about being almost done with revisions!

Victoria said...

On the was good while it lasted...

I'm hoping to finish the revisions today...then one more round of critique!! Whooo!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Congratulate K4 for me! I'm so glad she did well!

Victoria said...

Will do, Nat. Thanks!