Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Already?

This weekend went far too fast. Heck, 2010 is moving in fast-forward. Tomorrow is March already. Amazing.
Saturday and Sunday flew by. I'm 300 words away from picking up the slack of shoving Saturday's writing goal into today, but when the writing challenge I'm participating in hoses up and my wrist is screaming at me to stop typing already, I took that as a sign to be done for today. And yeah, I'm aware I'm still typing. This won't take long.
I'm convinced the new book I'm working on is a complete mess. Not convinced enough to scrap it and start over, though. Which is good. Once I meet my monthly writing goal, I'll take a step back and assess the situation. Right now, I'm writing through. Digging into my characters to find their weaknesses and pulling those weaknesses out into the light. And loving it.
Not to change the subject, but I think I need to get one of those wrist thingys to support my achy wrist. I've been taking care of it. Okay. Not as much as I should be. I'll admit that. I think a lot of it's positioning. I need to find a different comfy spot. That's dumb. Tomorrow I will write at the table and see if it feels different.
And with that, I'm saying goodbye and finding some ice.

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