Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow Day!!

18 or so inches and counting!!
See that dark blob in the snow? That's K4's head sticking out. She was trying to make a snow angel.
The dog won't pee even though we shoveled a "potty area" for her. She's afraid of it - like it's some type of labyrinth that will strip her flesh from her bones. (Obviously, I seriously need to write!)
K4's been out three times so far. I think it's because I give her hot chocolate every time she comes back in. K3 declined to go out as of yet, mainly because he can't find his boots, but he's had hot chocolate despite that.
Everything is closed today. We don't have anywhere to go. K2 is still sleeping and K1 stayed at a friend's last night. Right now we're doing laundry, having Mimosas and B is working on the carburetor for the snow blower. There will be writing, napping, and shoveling later. And burgers on the grill. Whoot!
That is all.

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