Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Sigh...

A collection of random thoughts.
*I want grocery service. I want to be able to order and pay for my groceries on line and have them delivered to my specifications. And I want to be able to use coupons. And not have the bloody meat bagged on top of the bread.
*I want Ti-Vo.
*I want my wrist to stop hurting when I type for long periods of time. Not that I got too far today, but I am back into the new shiny book. Whoot!
*I want my house to magically clean itself. And always look clean.
*Same with laundry.
*There are musical instruments all over my house. And music stands. There are three guitars, a violin, and a trumpet in my living room. Oh, and a piano. It's like band practice or something.
*And, two teenaged girls just entered the house. There is no more quiet. They are giggling, getting ice cream, and generally causing chaos.
*My dog stinks. Thank goodness she goes for a beauty treatment soon.
That is all.


Susan Kelley said...

LOL. My dog stinks too. Too many days playing in the snow. How many teenagers does it take to cause great noise and general chaos. Only two. I have three boys but my one daughter and one of her friends can out-noise any dozen boys.

Victoria said...

The girls are definitely louder than boys, though sometimes that's not true here. And, sometimes, one teenager can sound like fifty. So can one 10-year old.