Wednesday, September 08, 2010


1. In my haste to get to camp, I forgot our sheets. Luckily, I found a spare in the camper, but it had spider egg sacs on it. True. I picked them off and it was fine.
2. After picking the spider egg sacs from the sheet, I finally got our bed made. I no sooner finished when the dog came barreling in and jumped on our bed after having been in the creek. False. She can't get on our bed because she's becoming crippled.
3. I also forgot my toothbrush. True. Gross! But I figured it out.
4. The creek was so low you could walk across it without getting wet. False, though it was really low.
5. There was a huge pile of bear poop behind K3's tent. True. It was old and moldy, but most definitely bear poop.
6. I forgot to put the camper legs down after I leveled the camper. We nearly tipped the camper when we crawled into bed Saturday night. Nope.
7. Boys who smuggle video games to camp will be caught. True. We have a "no video games at camp" rule, and that rule was ignored. Not again.
8. Apparently vehicle issues don't go away just because you're supposed to be relaxing. Also true. We had to jump start my truck Sunday morning. Argh!
9. We heard a noise outside Saturday night and opened the door to see what was outside - owls, a least 10 of them, were perched in various places. In the tree, on my sister's camper, the ground, my Suburban. Scary weird. Nope, but that would have been cool. We could hear the owls, but we didn't see them.
10. My brother-in-law lost his cell phone and nearly himself by trying to track some weird sounding animal in the woods after midnight on Sunday night. True. We're still not sure what it was (a bird of some sort) and he found his phone. Finally.
And there you have it. I'm not sure if Tall Tale Tuesday will be back next week yet. You'll know when I do.


Jo said...

I am completely grossed out by the spider egg sacks/sheet thingy...ACK! lol :)

Ava Quinn said...

Dang, I didn't get to play. Sounds like you had an, umm - interesting time.

Really like the new background. Even better than the previous one.

Victoria said...

There weren't any spiders inside, Jo! Just the leftover webbing. I shook it out good and triple-checked!
It was interesting M3! But good!
And thanks!! I'm changing the background with the seasons, so Fall next! :)