Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun With Stink Bugs

Things I've learned about stink bugs:
1. Drowning them results in a horrid odor that hangs for a lot longer than it should.
2. Stink bugs cannot reproduce inside.
3. They are attracted to light.
4. They BITE!!!! (Though one source says they don't. I found two that say they do.)
5. There is a guy selling a book on how to get rid of stink bugs based on free information his neighbor gave him. For $19.95 you can have a copy of his ebook.
6. Stink bugs were accidentally brought into the are about 12 or so years ago. (Thanks to my friend, Beth, for this info.)
7. If you smash them quickly, you won't smell them.
8. If they get in your washing machine, your clothes will smell until they're dry.
9. Flicking them off the screen can result in being sprayed.
10. I found one website that says they rarely bother humans. ha ha ha!
11. I wasted a lot of time looking this up and still don't know much more than I did when I started.


sailorcross said...

And I've learned something else!! They do NOT like being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner hose!! Tried that...and then the whole vacuum bag stunk and had to throw the whole thing away even though it was barely full...and this was one of the "scented" vacuum bags...even overpowered this!!

Whew!! When are the going away? to is making its way across the top of my computer monitor!! EWWWW!!!!!


Victoria said...

Yuck, Beth!
Some people say sucking them up is the best way to go and that makes me wonder if they can actually smell!
From what I read they'll be here for a few more weeks. Ugh!

jason said...

wow, it's quiet cool. you had fun killing those disgusting stink bugs. well did you really avenge your crops. hehehehe...