Thursday, September 23, 2010

Better Than Email...

A recent note exchange in my house:
From K4 to K1:
Can you please spray paint this stick black. Please. Thank you, K4 (then the word "stick" with an arrow pointing to the real stick - on the kitchen counter) P.S. But don't take the stick, it's mine.
(She'd spent a lot of time taking the bark off a stick and to give her credit, it was a cool looking piece of wood.)
From K1 to K4:
Dear K4,
I would spray paint (lots of arrows point to the stick) this stick black, but I don't know if there be any more black spray paint. Arrrrr.
K4's comment after reading his note: "What does he think he is, a pirate?"

I was going to scan both notes and post them so you'd get the full effect, but the paper got wet and the ink ran. And the stick got painted. Not black, but bronze. K4 feels that's a better choice anyway. Except I have no idea what the stick if for, or why she wanted it painted.
And that is all. Arrrrr.


Ava Quinn said...

All the arrows are what take it over the top. Awesome stuff.

And can I tell you, when I first read this, I thought bark said barf. And was thoroughly confused and a little squicked out to be honest.

Victoria said...

LOL, Ava! That would squick me out, too, but I'd totally post it anyway!