Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New Game!

I've blogged about Orchid Games before. I even keep a link to them on my sidebar. I don't know if you remember or not, my my short story Fate is included in Orchid's Heartwild Classic.
Go here or here for a demo of Royal Trouble from the fine people at Orchid Games. If you like it, do yourself a favor and buy the full version. You won't be sorry.
I had the opportunity to beta test this. It's a hidden object game - not too hard, not too easy. The graphics are fantastic. I loved everything about it. And, my good friend Misty Simon wrote the dialogue.
Check it out!

*This is an unpaid endorsement given out of my love for the folks at Orchid and, of course, my very good friend who worked her tail off on this game. Though I played the game for free, my status as a beta tester did not obligate me to post on, or review, this game. It's just so cool I want everyone to love it like I did!

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