Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Writing Day...

So far...
(No Tall Tale Tuesday this week. I got nothing.)
Take kids to school, take walk, make more coffee, settle in to catch up on email. Get more coffee. Open document. Find where I ended yesterday. Wonder what I was thinking. Refill coffee. Get up and look out window. Still have no idea. Open old document to see where I was with transferring the decent scenes into the new document. Can't find it. Abandon computer for a few minutes to start laundry. Granddaughter screaming while her daddy desperately tries to figure out what's wrong. Can't help but help. Baby falls asleep. Back to computer. Still not sure what I was thinking with those last few lines. Read back a few paragraphs. No idea. Refill coffee. Update calendar. Make calls concerning writing group. Check email again. Start dinner in crock pot. Back to document. Baby screaming again. Again, can't help but help. Finally figure out that nipple hole on bottle is too big. Change that. She settles in and starts talking to me. Too cute. Go back to computer. More aware of where I was going with scene. Copy and paste next segment to edit. Realize my head is killing me and I'm hungry. Make terrible canned soup. Eat only half while I recheck email again and talk to B.
And it's now...
Now I hope I have all of this out of my system and can make some real progress this afternoon. And to facilitate that I will be disconnecting from the Internet and turning off my phone. head still hurts.

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