Thursday, September 02, 2010


Dear Supernatural People,
I miss you. 22 days is a really long time!
Dear Headphones,
Without you I would have gotten nothing done today. Okay, so with you I didn't get much done. It's not my fault the grandbaby's here, or that you're broken, or that it's so hot out.
Dear Neighbor,
Having your friends honk their horn is not an acceptable way for them to let you know they've arrived. Tell them to stop it. Also, stop yelling at your kids when you're in front of my house.
Dear Mother Nature,
Can you turn down the thermostat a little? It's too hot to breathe.
Dear Towels,
Please come back so I can wash you.
Dear Weekend,
Hurry up, please. I need you.
Dear Hurricane Earl,
Please avoid the Outer Banks. I'd really like to go back again soon!
Dear Work in Progress,
Stop being so stubborn. I need to finish you.
That is all.