Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ready for the answer?
1. K3 opened the umbrella that had been stored on the backporch and there were over a hundred stink bugs throughout. It was gross. Yes, and he then ran around the yard and tried to get them off, but there were too many.
2. While simmering the lasagna sauce yesterday I had an errant thought about a stink bug landing in the pot. Guess what I fished out while putting it all together? It didn't smell and the sauce didn't taste weird, but could you imagine crunching down on that? *shudders* Nope. But pretty gross thought, huh?
3. The cat finally stopped watching them and went into active hunt mode. He doesn't eat them. Just kills them and then rolls in them. He stinks. And he wonders why I won't let him lay on my bed. Nope. But possible.
So there you have it. I must go back to my ark building now. I think we might need it by morning.