Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

I'm not sure I can sum up how I feel after Friday's return! I'm not sure I even know how I feel yet, except I am so happy the boys are back!
Loved "new" Dean. Except he's not all "new", is he? I'm glad for that. I wouldn't have believed it if he had completely walked away from the life. He's got this undercurrent of angst and expectation that I love. Lisa is the perfect woman for Dean. I loved her lines and how accepting she was of Dean's need to keep her and Ben safe. Sam. Well, Sam. I love Sam, but not in this episode. He was cold and smug and a jackass. I hated his smugness when he was trying to prove himself to Dean and his hug was stupid and cold.
Here's the thing...I don't believe any of it. I don't believe Sam would get out of the cage and not immediately find his brother. Yeah, he'd be torn because he told Dean to get out and have a happy life, but if he came out of the cage right away, Dean wouldn't have had time to get happy. So, no, I don't believe that. I believe Bobby would encourage Sam to stay away, but even Bobby was off in this episode. I immediately disliked the cousins, and as much as I hate to say it, Samuel. They were all jerks and I don't buy that their influence coupled with what Sam went through is why Sam is so hardened. I also don't believe Sam's time in the cage made him what he is. Dean was in Hell a lot longer and while he had his issues, he needed his brother to get through. Sam would have, should have, come out with a better understanding for Dean and would want to talk to him about it. Plus, if he came out almost immediately, then...well, I just don't get it.
I don't believe Sam is Sam. Maybe I'm wrong, but this episode didn't feel like the new reality to me. Sam's car is pretty sweet. I like the new vs. old thing going on, but not the "it was nice seeing you again" line from Sam. Do. Not. Believe.
Ooh, but I just realized...even if Sam wasn't gone that long something terrible could have happened to him to make him honestly believe finding his brother was a bad idea. Hmm...I will have to let that soak in and see if it changes my knee jerk reaction to things being so wrong between Sam and Dean.
I think maybe you, Supernatural People, wanted us to feel this way. Okay. Fine. I am anxiously along for the ride to see what happens next. I've always trusted you.

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