Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday on Wednesday

Oops. Missed posting yesterday. That's what happens when you babysit your 3 month old granddaughter and get a house guest in the same day. Writing? Ha. I tried, but only managed a few sentences. Getting anything else I'd planned and said I was going to do done? Ha. Not even close. Oh, and did I mention I made a huge dinner? Should have thought that one out a little better. I might have ended up partially sane at the end of the night.
But, we're going to do Tall Tale Tuesday anyway.
In honor of Stink Bugs...
Tell me which one is true:
1. K3 opened the umbrella that had been stored on the backporch and there were over a hundred stink bugs throughout. It was gross.
2. While simmering the lasagna sauce yesterday I had an errant thought about a stink bug landing in the pot. Guess what I fished out while putting it all together? It didn't smell and the sauce didn't taste weird, but could you imagine crunching down on that? *shudders*
3. The cat finally stopped watching them and went into active hunt mode. He doesn't eat them. Just kills them and then rolls in them. He stinks. And he wonders why I won't let him lay on my bed.
So, two are lies. Which ones?


sailorcross said...

Oh, this is so hard because any one of these could be possible....but I'll take a wild guess and say that a stink bug landed in your lasagne sauce!!


Ava Quinn said...

I want it to be three, but I'm going with one.

I'm so tired of those stinkin' stink bugs!