Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday

Tell me what is true about this picture...
(There is only one true answer.)
1. We took a hike at camp and found it, set up just like that, in the middle of the dried up creek runoff.
2. A before picture - meaning before the K's decided to use my ironing board for dirt sledding. There wasn't anything left after they were done...well, except my anger.
3. A text photo sent to me by my niece who is vacationing in New York. B's response was: Tell her I'm bringing her my ironing.
4. While biking through our local park, we found this set up at the end of the path. To the left, there's a basket of clothing, but no iron and no don't know.
So, which one is the truth?


Misty said...

I vote for #3!

sailorcross said...

All of the answers could be a possiblity, but I'll vote for #1--just because!!