Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sorry I'm late! See #9 for the reason!
Okay, true and false....

1. We were at the pizza shop the other night when one of our town's finest stopped in. K4 jumped up and ran to the counter and told him, "My dad said this isn't the donut shop." True. It was really very funny. He teaches drug prevention at K4's school and we know him from various town things. Then he came over and tried to eat K3's calzone.

2. I broke my little toe dancing at the zombie party. Nope.

3. Today is not Wednesday. Did we have Wednesday this week?

4. The dog has been barking at 2am, on the dot, every single night for the past week. Nah.

5. The morning after the zombie party, we found an empty beer bottle on the front porch. It wasn't us (for one, I hate that kind of beer). True. I'm not's kind of freaky.

6. At the grocery store tonight, I ran into a guy with dreds playing the guitar as he walked through the store. True. He happens to be a friend and the brother of one of the BFF's.

7. It is impossible to find costume makeup and props in March. True!

8. Two minutes after my granddaugther got here on Sunday, she tried to stand on her own and fell, cracking her head on the coffee table. No. But I'm sure it'll happen soon. She's at the age.

9. This has been a long week, and it's only Tuesday. True, and I stand by it even more today!

10. I actually made some decent writing progress tonight. True, and that's the best one!
So there you have it - a day late and a dollar short!

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