Sunday, March 06, 2011

Television Recap

So, I finally got caught up with Castle, though my On Demand doesn't have the episode where Beckett and Castle kiss. I had to seek it out elsewhere and Mother of All That is Holy, that is one hot kiss. I realize Castle's life should irritate me - he's a writer and never seems to write much. Plus, he's absolutely loaded. But I can't be mad at any character Nathan Fillion plays. I love Castle.
The kids and I have been watching Face Off. It's a reality-based show about makeup artists competing for some grand prize. Every week they have a new challenge and at least one new judge. Except for the backstabbing and social issues, it's a good show. I like seeing what they create every week.
K2 wants me to watch Off the Map with her. We started an episode earlier, but chaos descended and the only thing I got to see was some underwater surgery and a Bott Fly removal. That stuff is cool, so maybe I'll give it a shot.
My usual favorites stand: Supernatural (and you already have my thoughts on that) and Ghosthunters. And Dr. Who (especially David Tennant's Dr). I know there's a lot of other good shows out there, but as usual. I'll either never see them, or I'll be late to party.
And there you have it. My lame tv watching habits. Sorry, after a day with the grandbaby the brain is kind of fried. She's adorable and full of herself. We had a fun day even though she wasn't feeling well and didn't want me out of her sight.
That is all...

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