Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

You're killing me with the hellatus! April is a very, very long time to be without!
(So I had a pretty decent post, but then I hit a wrong key and it all left. No matter what I did I couldn't get it back. So I will try to recreate...)
I loved that it was a family-centric episode. I loved Bobby's story about how he and Rufus met and how he and Rufus were like Sam and Dean at one time. I hated that Rufus said he'd never forgive Bobby for Omaha. Whatever happened must have been bad - who or what did Rufus lose? I really thought Rufus had the bug in him...
Grandpa is dead. And well...I can't say I'm sad about that. I loved how Dean charged into the room, ready to kill him like he said he would. I loved the dynamic between Sam and Dean and how they had each other's backs. They were themselves - better than themselves.
And I nearly died when I thought Bobby was dead! I was in horrified shock. For real.
Not so sure about the creature inside Bobby and the things he said. Or the "bug", but I'm very intrigued to see what happens next.
Overall, a sweet episode! But you're killing me with the long wait!!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It makes me wonder...if the Mother creates monsters, and they kill the Mother, does that put them out of a job?

Not really, I suppose, because once monsters are recreating themselves, they don't need her, but it would be an interesting ending to the series. Kill the monster of monsters=eliminate monsters=Sam and Dean can be "normal" for real and live HEA. :)

I didn't mind the killing of Grandpa, though it seemed a little abrupt, but I really hated that they killed Rufus. Kind of expected it, from the title of the episode, though.

Victoria said...

That would be interesting. I'd love to see Sam and Dean have a normal life.
I do wish there were some revelations before Grandpa died. His death was spectacular though. I hated Rufus dying, too, especially after hearing some of his story...
And we have to wait until April 15th? So, so wrong!