Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm late!
Here are the answers!
1. My bathroom is apparently the stink bug graveyard. I found approximately 10 carcasses in there last night. I want to know where they came from, why they died there, and if they all died at once...(because they weren't there before). True. And there seem to be more every day.

2. K4 said she was watching stink bugs move around her room last night. She reported one crawled into her underwear drawer and that's why she was all freaked out about socks this morning. I'm not sure... True. For some reason, her room seems to be the stink bug hang out. If there is one stink bug downstairs, there are six in her room.

3. B came home Saturday night. The rest of us were all hanging in the living room, watching something. He closed the door and said, "why'd you throw that at me?" I laughed, thinking something fell off of the counter. The next morning I questioned why the container we'd collected a few stink bugs in was on the floor when it had been in the window sill the night before. B said that was what had hit him when he came in the door....Ummm...Weird. True. Creepy.

4. I entered the living room last night to see B with all of the couch cushions off and with a freaked out look on his face. He said he'd felt the cat pawing his back while he was sitting there. The cat was on the back of the couch, looking at him like he was a lunatic. Also true. Also creepy.
So there you have it.
All kinds of weirdness!


Ava Quinn said...

Hey! I'm batting .500!

Victoria said...

There you go! :)