Friday, December 21, 2018

Feel Good Friday...The Friday Before...

Thank Goodness!!

Except... I have to work on Monday until 3pm. How crappy is that? That Man doesn't have to work. I'm sure our office will be as bare as it was the Friday after Thanksgiving. I already know all of my departments are closed and all of my reps are off. Ugh.

Anyway. Let's get to the list.

1. Anniversary with That Man. We went to eat at an amazing restaurant we've been wanting to try forever. The food was awesome! After that, we did some shopping and came home, wrapped, and went to bed super late. Again. I don't think we've been in bed before midnight since sometime last week. There will be no sleeping in tomorrow. There is too much to do.

2. Living through the work week. It was insane, but I am caught up now, which is awesome. I have the best coworkers and reps.

3. Selling books. I've had two different people purchase both of my print books as Christmas gifts. That's super awesome!

4. Shopping is finished! Well...mine anyways. That Man has a few things to take care of, but basically, we're done. I went to the mega store after work. It was insane. I'm scarred. Though I will say, by the time I was about halfway done, it cleared out big time and checking out was not bad at all.

5. Wrapping is also done. Both trees look full of stuff. Of course, one tree is super super tiny. There are little things wrapped in big boxes, which is our way, but I have to say, it looks awesome!

6. Not cooking dinner. We ordered in subs. There was no other option.

7. The dog was mostly fine after her cookie feast. She ended up peeing all over the kitchen floor. I think it was so she wouldn't poop on the floor. OY! But I think my rug is ruined.

8. Holy Warm Day! I didn't wear a coat all day! I had my windows down - well, until it started raining. And it's Winter Solstice!

I'm out of stuff... It's bedtime in a few.


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